The Profession


As both a public officer under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice, and a member of the professions, your solicitor is invested with diverse yet complementary tasks:

  • Authenticating contracts and donations and giving them the legal force of a ruling.
  • Advising the parties objectively and impartially on the significance of their commitments and informing them about legislation and regulations.
  • Bringing the parties together to reach equitable agreements, always seeking arbitration and conciliation.

Fields of intervention

The same diversity can be found in your solicitor's fields of intervention:

Family affairs, for which he is an advisor, but also the confidante and mediator. He is involved in all the important occasions: marriage contracts, purchasing the family home, adoption, donation, wills, etc.

  • Your estate, which he will analyse, rather like the family doctor, in your best interests.
  • Real estate, for which your solicitor is best known, and will value and negotiate your property.
  • Your company, be it independent, industrial, agricultural or commercial.
  • Land and its problems, for which your solicitor can advise you on the right solution.

Your solicitor can help and advise you. Don't hesitate to consult him.

Your solicitor makes your projects more secure.